» » Buried Treasure: The 70s (3CD, Box Set)

Buried Treasure: The 70s (3CD, Box Set) (2021) скачать торрент


Buried Treasure: The 70s (3CD, Box Set) (2021) скачать торрент

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Вы на странице загрузки музыкального альбома через торрент Buried Treasure: The 70s (3CD, Box Set) из категории Музыка 2021 года онлайн. Рекомендуем также не отказаться от .torrent альбома The Stars In The Night Sky скачать через торрент и после прослушать музыку в онлайне после загрузки торрентом бесплатно для мобильных устройств, смартфон, андроид, планшет, IOs, Apple, iphone, ipad различных версий на максимальной скорости без рейтинга и регистрации. Музыка 2021 года / Популярная музыка / Рок - альтернативная музыка / Поп музыка

Трек-лист на музыкальный сборник с торрента:
Buried Treasure The 70s (3CD) (2021) (66 файлов)
CD1 (22 файла)
mp301. 10cc - I'm Mandy Fly Me.mp3 (12.56 Mb)
mp302. Electric Light Orchestra - Confusion.mp3 (8.57 Mb)
mp303. Roxy Music - Angel Eyes.mp3 (6.67 Mb)
mp304. Smokie - It's Your Life.mp3 (8.26 Mb)
mp305. Sweet - Hell Raiser.mp3 (7.66 Mb)
mp306. Sparks - Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth.mp3 (5.67 Mb)
mp307. David Essex - Stardust.mp3 (6.62 Mb)
mp308. The Rubettes - I Can Do It.mp3 (7.48 Mb)
mp309. Bay City Rollers - Remember (Sha La La La).mp3 (5.92 Mb)
mp310. Boney M. - Belfast.mp3 (8.15 Mb)
mp311. Meco - Star Wars Theme-Cantina Band.mp3 (8.24 Mb)
mp312. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Teddy Pendergrass - Satisfaction Guaranteed.mp3 (8.05 Mb)
mp313. Stevie Wonder - Never Had A Dream Come True.mp3 (7.46 Mb)
mp314. Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology).mp3 (7.56 Mb)
mp315. Ray Parker Jr., Raydio - Jack and Jill.mp3 (10.64 Mb)
mp316. Maceo And The Macks - Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back).mp3 (7.73 Mb)
mp317. Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles.mp3 (11.21 Mb)
mp318. Helen Reddy - Angie Baby.mp3 (8.21 Mb)
mp319. Marianne Faithfull - The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan.mp3 (9.53 Mb)
mp320. Dean Friedman - Lydia.mp3 (11.18 Mb)
mp321. David Soul - Let's have a quiet night in.mp3 (8.67 Mb)
mp322. Elkie Brooks - Lilac Wine.mp3 (9.21 Mb)
CD2 (20 файлов)
mp301. Patsy Gallant - From New York to L.A.mp3 (11.25 Mb)
mp302. Donna Summer - Dim All The Lights.mp3 (10.85 Mb)
mp303. Diana Ross - The Boss.mp3 (9.09 Mb)
mp304. Sylvester - Dance (Disco Heat).mp3 (13.53 Mb)
mp305. Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn the Beat Around.mp3 (7.9 Mb)
mp306. Biddu Orchestra - Summer Of '42.mp3 (8.78 Mb)
mp307. The Three Degrees - The Runner.mp3 (10.14 Mb)
mp308. Amanda Lear - Follow Me.mp3 (9.03 Mb)
mp309. Baccara - Darling.mp3 (13.06 Mb)
mp310. Raffaella Carrà - Do It Do It Again.mp3 (6.38 Mb)
mp311. Andrea True Connection - What's Your Name What's Your Number.mp3 (15.23 Mb)
mp312. Sarah Brightman - The Adventures Of The Love Crusader.mp3 (13.15 Mb)
mp313. Leif Garrett - Feel the Need.mp3 (13.13 Mb)
mp314. Johnny Mathis - Gone Gone Gone.mp3 (8.34 Mb)
mp315. The Miracles - Love Machine (Pt. 1).mp3 (7.01 Mb)
mp316. The Isley Brothers - That Lady (Part 1).mp3 (9.22 Mb)
mp317. Rose Royce - I'm Going Down.mp3 (8.35 Mb)
mp318. The New Seekers - Anthem.mp3 (7.49 Mb)
mp319. Tom Jones - She's A Lady.mp3 (6.72 Mb)
mp320. Barry Manilow - Daybreak.mp3 (7.23 Mb)
CD3 (22 файла)
mp301. Blondie - (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear.mp3 (6.38 Mb)
mp302. The Boomtown Rats - She's So Modern.mp3 (6.86 Mb)
mp303. The Jam - David Watts.mp3 (6.81 Mb)
mp304. Siouxsie and The Banshees - The Staircase (Mystery).mp3 (7.61 Mb)
mp305. Squeeze - Take Me I'm Yours.mp3 (6.62 Mb)
mp306. The Motors - Forget About You.mp3 (6.73 Mb)
mp307. Jags - Back Of My Hand.mp3 (7.59 Mb)
mp308. Ultravox! - Rockwrok.mp3 (8.31 Mb)
mp309. Yellow Dog - Just One More Night.mp3 (8.21 Mb)
mp310. Chas & Dave - Gertcha.mp3 (8.91 Mb)
mp311. Fiddler's Dram - Daytrip to Bangor.mp3 (6.95 Mb)
mp312. Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.mp3 (8.43 Mb)
mp313. Clifford T. Ward - Gaye.mp3 (8.55 Mb)
mp314. Colin Blunstone - I Don't Believe In Miracles.mp3 (7.05 Mb)
mp315. Patti Smith - Frederick.mp3 (7.08 Mb)
mp316. Boz Scaggs - We're All Alone.mp3 (9.78 Mb)
mp317. Daryl Hall & John Oates - Wait for Me.mp3 (9.38 Mb)
mp318. Rod Stewart - Oh! No Not My Baby.mp3 (8.57 Mb)
mp319. John Miles - Highfly.mp3 (8.95 Mb)
mp320. Mott the Hoople - All The Way From Memphis.mp3 (11.5 Mb)
mp321. Status Quo - Mystery Song.mp3 (15.54 Mb)
mp322. Meat Loaf - Paradise By the Dashboard Light.mp3 (19.54 Mb)
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